Halfway There

I have a pretty good reason for slacking on my blog, which is a byproduct of slacking on my crafts.  I am having a baby boy in the beginning of September!  I am now half way through my pregnancy.  Woot woot!  Since I will be pretty occupied in a matter of months, and I’m riding that second trimester energy wave, I have been feeling some internal pressure to finish up some of my larger projects.

At the end of March I finally knit my last puff!

Boots was not impressed.  It took me until today to work some layout magic and align them all for sewing.  I didn’t want to sew as I went since I was using all kinds of crazy colors.  Here is a shot of the final product displayed on my queen size bed.  I am pretty happy with the final size.

Also pictured, Boots in her chronically underwhelmed state.  She loves a nice after dinner nap.

I also cranked out the first in my four part series of string art pictures this weekend.  I was inspired by this blog.  I’ve had all four plaques painted for quite some time, but the nailing part was holding me back.  I really hate loud noises, and hammering is not my forte.  I tend to always hammer at odd angles with not enough force. For this project, it does help to be left handed though because I can hammer with both hands.  (I think most lefties have a degree of ambidexterity.)  This was important because there were some really tight corners.  For my first piece, I wanted to highlight Chennai, which is unfortunately not in the center of India.  This made the string wrapping a little bit dicey  in some areas.

Picture 1 shows the outline of India that I scotch-taped to the wood plaque.  I created it by outlining a map in Inkscape.

Picture 2 show my nail outline.  I added the “heart” after outlining the country.  This was not a good idea, and lead to some even more awkward hammering.

Picture 3 is the final product.

I am very pleased with the final product!  The heart became increasingly less heart-shaped as I went, but it works. These were originally supposed to be a surprise gift for HP, but since I like to get feedback as I go, and I can only realistically hammer 85 nails at a time  on weekends (I live in a rowhouse),  my secret project was not so secret.  He doesn’t know what the theme is or what the other three pieces will be, but he did guess California will be featured. We’ll have to wait and see….


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This is a blog for me to talk about crafts, cats and relocating from Berkeley, CA to Philadelphia, PA.
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One Response to Halfway There

  1. Mary says:

    Very nice, Sarah–both projects!! You’ve got a lot of sewing together to do on that puff afghan! To me, that’s the worst part, even though making them takes more time.

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